Snow Den

About Me

I'm a tech enthusiast and an avid do-it-yourselfer with a wide range of interests. I've gone through many hobbies over the years and most of them still pop up from time to time even to this day. The most notable of these interests include programming, rhythm gaming, competitive gaming, and various forms of entertaining.


As a career I develop web and desktop software for clients, with a strong history toward web applications. I'm currently learning web design, so bear with me while I take that journey. My personal favourite tools within my tool belt have been Python, and C++, though I have little issue using whatever I'm given – even when it's PHP, as it usually happens to be.

Through work or through personal projects, I've created everything from simple web scrapers to games to file aggregators to gaming sites. The greatest enjoyments I get out of my projects are when I have full control of the inner workings. Things such as NES assembly and OpenGL programming, though frustrating and time consuming to understand and work with, fuel my drive through this industry.

Outside of programming, I also occassionally try my hand in circuitry, do systems administration for friends and clients, and I consider myself a pretty decent hacker. Not a Mitnick by any means, but it's one of those things that I find wonderfully entertaining. Learning the inner workings of things and figuring out how to make it do new things, whether beneficial or just simply neat, is yet more that keeps me going.


On the entertainment side of things, I like to spend my time streaming game speedruns, spinning glow poi, and hosting tabletop games. I've also created a few small games, been a member in a theatre and a choir, and dabbled lightly in music, art, and creative writing. One day I hope to add bartending to my repertoire, even if it's just for friends!